#CiderCon2015 Chicago February











Yesterday was an historic moment for the Spanish cider in #USA.

Being part of the #CiderCon2015 Sidra Trabanco and its products Poma Aurea, Cosecha Propia and Avalon shown by Eduardo Vazquez Coto, more known as @CiderGuerrilla, in one of the cider seminars celebrated in this international conference.

No doubt that this is a great step done because of the special relationship between our partner Sidra Trabanco and the cider makers from Illinois.

And as a Consortium must be, the two other products of Asturias for foodies were there too! Quesos Rebollin and Conservas Agromar have been presented as the best pairings for cider …. Taste and enjoy the Asturian style!

From the Consortium we will love to say thanks to Eduardo and to the #ciderfriends Brian Routzen, Mike and Dede Beck, Paul Vander, Nikki and Dan , Joel and Lorena Menendez from ATOS Food who made possible that the “solids” arrived on time!
Is a pleasure to work with all of you!

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