#SF the foodie city

San Francisco has been a great #foodie experience!

Sinceraly was a great surprise… our contacts there had told us that this city is openmind to new flavours, but we never thought it could be as it was…

Great restaurants, #specialty stores, foodie paradise

We have to express our gratitude to our partners in the city, Canela Bistro Bar, spanish restaurant, Paco and Mat, thanks for those amaizing diners.

We had the best host, JM thanks so much for all your care and enthutiasm and positive energy,and for show us the best of the best of SF

We are just waiting to return to share our asturian taste with this lovely city!

.2014-11-23 14.22.05

.2014-11-18 11.50.59 2014-11-18 12.51.12 2014-11-18 13.03.17 2014-11-19 10.13.14 2014-11-19 14.37.52 2014-11-20 11.04.03 2014-11-20 18.40.50 2014-11-20 21.22.08 2014-11-22 14.36.03 2014-11-23 11.21.41 2014-11-24 12.33.27 2014-11-26 16.00.17 2014-11-28 10.46.50 2014-11-29 12.00.37

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