#Asturias the Spanish Cider terrain

<a href="http://digital.cidercraftmag.com/WinSpr2015#&pageSet=30&page=0&contentItem=undefinedhttp://digital.cidercraftmag.com/WinSpr2015#&pageSet=30&page=0&contentItem=undefined“>http://digital.cidercraftmag.com/WinSpr2015#&pageSet=30&contentItem=0

This amaizing article is one of the best resumes of the last #cidertour2014 . The writer Alex Fortin @ciderMonger and the photographer Bill Bradshaw @iamcider have lived the #sidra #experience.

The manager of Asturias for foodies, Begoña Medio, @ciderworld, in collaboration with Eduardo Vazquez Coto @LaSidraGermany and the sponsor of many asturian public agencies and several cider and touristic companies developed last August the first #cidertour to the Spanish north coast, the #greenspain.

One of the visit the #cider lovers made was @SidraTrabanco as you could read on the article. No doubt the place to visit if you want to discover the #asturian #sidra.





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