NY and its CIDERWEEK are the main reasons to go directly from Asturias to the Big Apple!
Asturias for foodies = Sidra Trabanco + Quesos Rebollín + Conservas Agromar
Asturias for foodies = hard cider + cheeses + preserved seafood
Since 1971, there is a company with asturian roots in New York, DEspaña, 
Despañaa Brand Foods
This is a place to go if you are a spaniard living in NYC and specially if you are from #Asturias…you will find lots of products came from home! And you will love it, surely!
DEspaña is going to be one of the Asturias for foodies hosts. Marcos and Angélica, the owners, have a special relationship with Asturias, he was borned in Amieva! And we are going to collaborate in two tasting sessions: October 30th 5pm + November 1st 3pm.
We are really pleased! And very excited!
taste&enjoy the asturian food!

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